The San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association

Be aware of group of people robbing our businesses by distracting of viewing guest rooms. 

Be careful of this gang, they come to you and tell you that they need rooms for long time and somehow they talk you into going with them to show them rooms and stuff and they will keep you busy while their family members sneak in your apartment and next thing you know is that they steal stuff from your apartment

Please visit below link to learn more.



In 2005, local issues that could not be addressed by national organizations became the life force in which SGVHA was formed. A unified voice under the banner of a formal organization dictated the creation of a nonprofit entity that represents all the unique hotels – independent and franchised, large and small.

The SGVHA was officially formed to become hat unified voice for the hotels and the hoteliers at the grass root level, in the cities and communities we serve.

Nestled within the region of Los Angeles county, the San Gabriel Valley is one of the principal valleys of southern California. It lies to the East of the city of Los Angeles, North of the Puente Hills, South of the San Gabriel Mountains, and West of the Inland Empire.

It derives its name from the San Gabriel River that flows southward through the center of the valley. At onetime predominantly agricultural, the San Gabriel Valley is today almost entirely developed (largely in suburban form, but with certain areas beginning to urbanize) and is an integral part of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

The San Gabriel Valley holds a unique business atmosphere in comparison to other parts of Southern California. The focus of SGVHA will include all the cities in this geographical area.