The San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association

Be aware of group of people robbing our businesses by distracting of viewing guest rooms. 

Be careful of this gang, they come to you and tell you that they need rooms for long time and somehow they talk you into going with them to show them rooms and stuff and they will keep you busy while their family members sneak in your apartment and next thing you know is that they steal stuff from your apartment

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Welcome to San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association

San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association Members are kindly requested to join/attend

our annual Diwali and Thanksgiving Dinner will be taking place on

Friday, November 13, 2015 at 6:00PM and onwards


Julios Pizza and Banquet 

Artesia, California.

More details will be posted shortly.

SGVHA stands for San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association. It is all about creating and maintaining a bridge of awareness on issues dealing with the hospitality sector.

As our mission states, educating and involving our members and the local community are the core purposes of our organization. It helps to bring all vital issues to the round table for open discussion where it can be measured with all possible yet productive solutions.

These constructive ideas and thoughts can overcome today’s issues which helps the businesses to grow. Our aim is to bring hoteliers of San Gabriel Valley together to address the local concern.

By joining us, you are helping yourself. Remember, “United we stand, divided we fail”.


1. Successfully launched “The Helping Hands Program” in El Monte as a template for community outreach programs.

2. Create close networks with other local hospitality organizations to keep our members in tuned with the current issues that effect our industry.

3. Create an informative web site as a tool for the hospitality industry.

4. Create a stronger presence in the San Gabriel Valley in order to be recognized by communities and the local government.

5. Hosted educational seminars on industry related topics. Marketing, legislative and governance issues.

6. Hosted fund raising events to help surrounding communities through Golf Tournaments and social outreach.

7. Unite San Gabriel Valley Hoteliers at annual functions to exchange our experiences.

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