The San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association

Be aware of group of people robbing our businesses by distracting of viewing guest rooms. 

Be careful of this gang, they come to you and tell you that they need rooms for long time and somehow they talk you into going with them to show them rooms and stuff and they will keep you busy while their family members sneak in your apartment and next thing you know is that they steal stuff from your apartment

Please visit below link to learn more.



Founding Members of the SGVHA Organization

Eight entrepreneurs worked in unison by providing the initial capital outlay and leadership in the formation and now, the foundation of The SGVHA to strengthen the unified voice and educate the communities within the Cities of The San Gabriel Valley.

The Eight Founding Members are:

  • Comfort Inn -Monrovia/Pasadena
  • America's Best Value Inn - El Monte
  • La Bonita Motel - El Monte
  • Troy Motel - El Monte
  • Scenic Motel and Café - El Monte
  • Siesta Inn - El Monte
  • El Monte Motel - El Monte
  • Budget Inn - El Monte

2013-14 Committee Members

President: Naresh D Bhakta

Vice President: Raju K. Bhakta

Secretary: Surju Desai

Joint Secretary: Yasmin Bhakta

Treasurer: Bharat Patel

Joint Treasurer: Bipin Bhakta

AAHOA Link-ambassador: Naresh Bhakta

Special Information Bulletins: Manoj Patel

Board Members: Hemant Bhakta, Sanjay Patel, Trushar Patel, Rusabh Bhakta, Harshad Bhana, Henry Xie, Kanti Bhakta